Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Looky! I have a LUMP!

Now, before you start thinking that something terrible has happened or that there is some medical issue I’m about to tell you about, please relax. That’s not what this post is about. Although, I happen to love supporting non-profit organizations and things if I can, and breast cancer is something that has affected family members and friends. So if you want to help fund free mammograms with just the click of your mouse (no credit card needed this time), click here.

If you haven’t heard, my sister (in-law), Rachel, has started living with us. We went to my Zumba class, came home and showered (because MAN did we stink), and then made “dinner”. Mara isn’t the greatest of eaters, so her dinners generally consist of pieces of something substantial and fatty and then a LOT of fruit or vegetable because that’s what she likes. I know, I can’t complain, right? So for dinner, she had 3 bites of leftover turkey brat/sausage, a slice of cheese, a pear, and a plum.

In addition to a late night, last night was a study night at our house. Josh was taking some practice tests downstairs, which was why dinner was a rush. We rushed to make it and rushed upstairs to eat it. As we began eating, Mara grabbed the plum – the first she’s had—and took a few bites as Rachel was coming up the stairs. Mara then ran to the stairs, still holding her plum, and said, “Look Rach. I have lump…..a puh?....It’s a Lump!” We loved it, and although I corrected her once, I thought it was too cute to really stop her from saying it.

The rest of the night consisted of her talking about how much she loves lumps and that pears were good too. She didn’t like the sausage, and I had to nearly force feed her the 3 bites she did take. I am seriously in need of some good and EASY recipes, especially some that Mara would enjoy. Any suggestions? Until then, we may be eating lots of lumps around here.


Jen said...

For some easy recipes (and some not so easy recipes) you should check out my recipe blog. www.flavorsoffriendship.blogspot.com There are categories for "quick and easy" and "kid friendly" so that should get you started.

The Horn Family said...

Ally is the same way, she eats all sorts of fruits and veggies and I have to almost force her to eat everything else. Every now and then she'll eat alfredo, spaghetti, cheese ravioli(its in the freezer section), chicken nuggets, brats, and hot dogs. It gets so frustrating, trying to make dinner for her. Good luck!

Erica said...

My son will not eat anything either. If it is a dairy product he may think about it but mostly its a spitting hands over his face wrestling match. Once in awhile we will get something in and he likes it for well about 4 bites. He does like most fruit and green beans. Dinner, Lunch and Breakfast generally consist of Cheese, Banana, green beans and milk. Sometimes yogurt, and apple with mac and cheese. We try to eat all whole grain and no red meat maybe he is just rebelling I am ready too. Love you miss you Erica