Thursday, April 12, 2007

Crying baby as I type

I always feel so guilty just leaving her in her crib as she tries to fall asleep...probably because it takes her so long to cry herself to sleep. I'd rather be tricky and have her fall asleep lying in my arms--all cute and cuddly-- and sneak her into her crib without her realizing it until about 3am. But, unluckily for me, that rarely happens. Have I mentioned that she has never slept through the night, not to mention that she's a restless sleeper? Last night, for example, she came into bed with us, and about an hour later, I woke up to a nice head-butt. She literally picked her head off the pillow and slammed it down on my face. It was a pleasant experience.

She's quieting down a little--wait, a whimper. Is she falling asleep? That puts us at 20 minutes tonight. Not bad. We're progressing, I guess.

Pictures of our vacation and recent happenings to come soon.

Thursday, April 5, 2007



This has been the most recent term used in our house. Mara has started to potty train. Let's say the last two weeks have been off and on interesting. She'll be really into the whole potty thing for a while with the books piled up in the bathroom, and then she'll be really turned off to it, refusing to go. But we're progressing, and her cute little potty chair has stickers starting to cover the lid.

It's a long weekend for us, and we're excited to spend the time together and celebrate Easter with our family. I'm excited to have an extra day off of work and hope to get a lot accomplished tomorrow. Mara is having some friends over tomorrow for a play date, so she should have a fun morning playing with Kai and Nea. We'll update you later!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

All aboard!

Welcome to our new website! After a long absence from our previous site- and after a lot of thought, we've created a new website. Hopefully we'll be able to make more frequent updates here and inform you all of our busy lives! We have been super busy, so I'll update soon with some of the things we've been up to.