Friday, October 5, 2007

Sicky, Mommy?

Yes, Mommy is sicky. No, not the normal migraine sicky. No, not that sicky, either; don't even think it! But Mommy has strep throat. Oh, poor Mommy.

The chica is at grandma's house because we don't want her to get sick; although, I'm pretty sure that she's the one who brought this home to me. We'll pick her up tomorrow when the fever is gone and the medicine has kicked in a little. Until then, I'll get a full night's sleep, and Josh will actually get some uninterrupted studying done!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

OOOO!! Apple!!! Ushy??!!?! OOOO!!!

So tonight after work, I ran home and changed my clothes quickly, and I booked it over to pick up Mara from school. I knew it was going to be a good night when I heard it-- no biting, no pinching, no hitting. Wow! I have to stress that the biting ended a few weeks ago, but the pinching and hitting comes and goes when she's tired--- or when other kids don't seem to understand that she's the queen and rules the room. Anyway, so I picked her up, and we headed over to Anderson Orchard. Yummy and super fun!
Josh had class late tonight, so it was a girls' night. I had a snack packed for the car ride, and Mara was excited for our little adventure. Our camera is broken (suggestions of cameras you love and recommend (and that cost less than my mortgage) would be appreciated), so no pics of tonight. These from the orchard website will have to do.

When we pulled up to the orchard, Mara looked around, and then suddenly it hit her. "OO! Apples? Ushy!?!!!" She struggled to get out of her car seat and was so excited. What she really wanted was the apple cider slushy she'd had before. I have to admit that they're really great! In fact, on our way out, we bought another small one, and the lady behind the register thought that Mara was just too irresistible. She refilled our first and gave us a second one for free.

When we went to pick the apples, Mara was excited to hold the bag. We had to walk pretty far down the path to find some that were low enough for picking, but we had fun. In fact, there was a moment when Mara was eating an apple (don't worry, it was one I had given her, not one from the ground) and looking around, so I took the opportunity to quickly 'boost' myself up onto a limb to grab one of these puppies.

But she looked up when she heard me grab the apple and caught me. She quickly said, "Mommy! GIT DOWN! Gitdown MOMMY!" I had been scolded, and now if I catch her climbing on things, I know that I can only blame myself.....great.