Sunday, May 20, 2007

Some Pictures

Well, we're still missing Mexico pics....I guess I only downloaded them to a cd instead of the computer, too--strange. But here are a few since I'm behind anway.

From the HUGE snow storm we had around Valentine's Day. Notice the child that is actually under all of those clothes and coats who LOVED the cold weather. Seriously, she loves cold things. Mara gets such a thrill form cold air!

Mare loves apples. She calls anything that remotely looks like one, an apple.

Probably one of her favorite things is the phone. She loves to say , "HELLO!!!!" while reaching for our phones. One of these pictures shows how Josh's cell phone probably bit the dust. The guy at the Sprint store said that it was probably because the phone came in contact with water. Josh said, "Could baby slobber have done this??" hmmm.... we wonder.

The long awaited Potty pictures, too. Yes, she's wearing an ACDC shirt. Thanks Uncle Paul. I'm the little hard rocker!

Last one-- We had some of Mara's friends over one morning. Here are Nea, Kai, and Mara eating granola bars and watching Leap Frog ABC's. As a side note, Mara LOVES these kids! in fact, she'll be sitting in the car and start saying, "Kai? Kai. Kai!" She'll say it when she sees him (or any member of his family, for that matter) come through the door. It's pretty cute! (As a side note, she's screaming Kai right now because she saw him on the computer) We'll be sad when they move this summer to Boston. :(

Well, hopefully I'll be able to post again soon. Mexico pictures next time!


The Horn Family said...

Mara has grown so much in the last few months. She is so cute. Is potty training getting better?

Anonymous said...

Nicole! I haven't seen pictures of your "baby" since she was a BABY! Oh my goodness! She is GORGEOUS!