Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A new favorite

So let me officially introduce you to "the works" product line:

My new personal favorite? "Limeosol"!!!!!! Wow, oh Wow!!! It made my shower seem like a whole new room in the house. This puppy has received it's own permanent spot in our cleaning cabinet.

Do any of you have any favorites you can't live without?


PB & J said...

My fav: Whatever's on sale.

Pearce Family said...

I wish I did, I'm constantly looking for what works for me, Maybe I"ll try your new find!

Peifer Family said...

I have to have soft scrub! I clean everything with it and I love that it has bleach in it also!

The Horn Family said...

Hi Nicole, how are things going? Are you still teaching zumba?

Peifer Family said...

Nicole...I didn't catch you at church today because we are still a little sick over here. I found out who was looking on my blog by getting a site meter. People were googling really bad words and being directed to my blog so that's why I'm going private. I guess there is a porn star that has both my hubby's name and my little girl's name! crazy!