Thursday, May 1, 2008

Blog about whatever you want week

I've decided that I'm going to start a mini-blog-revolution over here in our little piece of blogland. A friend recently put into words something I've been feeling for quite a while. The bottom line of her comments was that Blogland really isn't real. It's really just what we choose to share with others, and generally it's only the positive, happy, good things of our lives that we choose to share......leading us to her point that it's not really real. Our lives are filled with ups and downs. The great moments when our kids sing songs and pick flowers, and the terrible times when we're sick with sick kids and husbands are going through finals and the roof is leaking and writers' strike has kept your favorite shows from appear for Months!

So, in honor of my friend, who shall remain nameless--unless she decides to out herself in the comments section--I'm starting a 'blog about whatever you want week'. It's a moment to share what's on your mind...from stinky diapers to potty training woes. From leaky rooves to dirty laundry; from broken dishwashers to distructive pets. I want to hear it all this week. Because, let's face it, in the spirit of 'keepin it real', a month is just pretty unrealistic!

Feel free to post about it on your blogs, or just share something in the comments. I want to hear what your thoughts are.


Jen said...

I think for the most part, my blog reflects my life. Fortunately, right now that means a lot of happy with some not so happy mixed in here and there! One of the not so happy's that I haven't yet mentioned, but wish to share: if it snows in Utah one more time, and my giant footed dogs bring their muddy paws in my house and onto my new couches again, I am seriously going to lose it!!! There you go, I'm done griping, but is it really so much to ask for sunshine in May?

Peifer Family said... are awesome! I love to hear someone rant other than me once in a while :)! This week has been long and not without a few tears for me...a sick baby, very little sleep, and a husband that is gone very long hours with school. I just keep my head down and keep pushing on. I just keep thinking that Sunday is right around the corner and that means I usually get to laugh with some friends (some friends even cry when they laugh :)), get uplifted by some really great lessons, and I get to spend the day with my whole family! (I also usually get a nap which I LOVE!) Anyway, I love that you're back on the BLOG!

Em said...

Nicole, you inspired me to write a whole post about less happy things. =) But a few more things that didn't make it on my post...I'm SO ready to not live in Utah! I hate that dandelions are considered weeds,I'm too lazy to plant a garden, and we just spent more money than I care to admit on fixing our fence that blew down a few weeks ago.

And I miss you! Wish we didn't live so far!