Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas; Happy Birthday!

This time of year is such a wonderful time for us to reflect as a family upon the birth of the Savior. We are thankful for the role he plays in our lives as our brother, our friend, and our Savior. At Christmas time, we feel especially close to him as we remember his birth and strive a little harder to be like him.

This time of year also causes us to remember Mara's birth. Each year, I am able to reflect upon our own dear child, who is such a gift to us from our Heavenly Father. Because she was born on Christmas Day, I feel a special connection with the story of the first Christmas. I feel myself drawn to Mary, the mother of Jesus, who gave birth to her son, the Son of God, in such humble conditions. I learn so much from that and take so much more, as a mother. (Of course I am still in my toddler stage of motherhood...I love growing with Mara and looking back on how far we've come.)

In reminiscing on the birth of my own child, I feel an extra sense of gratitude not just to have her in our lives but to be the person chosen to be the mother of this extraordinary little girl. She is such a blessing in our lives, such a joy for each day, and such a great friend.

We love you Mara! Happy Birthday!

Merry Christmas everyone!