Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Some times it's just important for us to remember this word. Wow! Things that I love in many.

There are too many times when our lives cause us to focus on other things. We get stressed out--too much homework, too little sleep, too many things to do, too little time. There are too many tantrums, too little patience, too little focusing on what we have, too much wanting. The thing is, there are too many times when just need to step back and recognize that our lives are what they are and what we make them. There are so many times that we need to just remember the things that we love, and the things we couldn't live without.

So here's my list for today. Things that I love and couldn't live without (the little things)......

-Josh. He's the love of my life; my best friend.
-Mara. Beautiful, lovely, sweet, spunky, independent Mara.
-Watching my husband and daughter sleep in the mornings
-Waking up in the middle of the night to a nice storm and a snuggle
-Sweet bed-head toddler hair to tie into cute little pigtails
-Essays to proof-read
-Dreaming of the future with my husband (school, vacation, career, kids, house)
-Singing to/with my little girl
-Getting her dressed
-Listening to Josh's stories about crazy people at school
-Being tickled
-Talking with friends
-Having a car that runs
-Cooking dinner for my family (I could live without the dishes)
-Having a front door
-My garden (even though it's super tiny)
-Conversations with my family

More to come....