Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We're back

Is it really fall? I can't believe that we're here already, and it's not even just the beginning--we're half-way through already. I haven't even blogged this season yet....isn't that sad? I really need to get back on track with my blogging. I especially need to get back to posting pictures, and now that we've found our plug for the camera, I can actually upload pictures. So be expecting updates soon in an attempt to play a little catch-up.

We've been sick for the last month or so. Mara had croup, and then Josh and I got it. Right when we thought we were all getting better, we all had relapses. This virus is difficult to shake. Still, we've been able to do a few fun things, and we made it to the apple orchard/ pumpkin patch twice this year.

Mara felt it was absolutely necessary to inspect each apple for bugs and worms. She learned that the apples on the ground were squished and brown; thus, rendering them "nasty."

After we found that they were good and clean, some apples just needed a taste-test.

At the orchard during a trip with daddy to pick out our pumpkin.

I know this is just a short taste, but right now I'm being summoned downstairs. A little voice is calling for mommy to come read. This will have to wait. See you soon with some more pictures and updates.


Em said...

ooooo oooo she is so scrumptious. those apples look pretty tasty too. Hope you guys are feeling better. Sorry you were sick for so long!

Charlotte said...

Hi Nicole! Cute blog. I found yours off of Jerry and Stef's. It was good to see you at church last Sunday and meet Mara. Have a great week. :)

Mike and Sam Berry said...

She is so stinking big and ADORABLE! Glad to hear you are all better and back to healthy living.

The Wyler Family said...

i'm so glad you're back. those pics of mara are adorable. i love the one of her biting into the apple. so cute! i hope you're all doing better!