Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ever have those days?

I was having a great day today, spending time with my favorite 2 (nearly 3) year old. We went to the gym first thing and then came home to split a bowl of cereal and scrub the tub. Oooo. Yes, it was actually fun. Because in the process of me scrubbing, Mara gave me a free sales pitch and demonstration of how make-up should be properly applied. Luckily for me, the caps remained on---probably not luckily for you because those would have been some pretty awesome pictures. Then I took a shower in the clean tub while Mara sat outside and expained how she had broken the shower door the other day in a fit (which is true) and how the elves probably thought that was "very not nice" but that it's okay now because she's trying harder. (please excuse the run-on's in this post....just trying to really convey the realness of the conversation) We finished up the shower with a few rounds of "Jingle Bells" and "Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer."
After that, we hit Super Target, which became Super-duper Target, and Mara decided that she wanted to meet everyone we passed in every aisle. She later serenaded an elderly lady in the bread aisle with her "Jingle Bells", and let me just tell you that if she's ever looking for a job, Mara has it made in field of entertainment for the elderly.....seriously, Mara was so loud and enthusiastic, the lady wanted to hear it again.

When we got home, we had a little emotional meltdown about not wanting to "wait just a second" for some more chips, but we decided to watch the rest of the Polar Express, which made everything better.

It has been a fun day so far, just the two of us. Now we're off to meet dad and get an oil change. I'll let you ooo and ahh over our plans and leave you with a few older pictures.....

Mara started at a little preschool that some of th moms at church have put together. She loves it. This was on her first day. She's the youngest, but she really interacts well with the others.

This was when we were preparing to host preschool. Mara thought it would be a good idea to line everything up to be sure it was all there. She loves to put things in lines. It's pretty hilarious.
We made cookies while daddy was at the Priesthood session of conference. I normally don't do things like that, but I felt like I should try to do something "womanly" like a lot of other mom's do. I'm not sure we'll make it a tradition; however, I do like the tradition of eating the dough!

We went out on the lake a couple of times this summer. Mara loved to go on the tube and go knee-boarding. She has tons of fun on the boat! Although this picture is pretty fuzzy.

Mara just being cute.

And silly, as usual.

Well, we're off, and in Mara's words, "peace out!"


Em said...

Someday I'd love to meet Mara. The pictures are adorable, and your day sounds wonderful. I hope the oil change was as dreamy as scrubbing the bathtub. =)

Peifer Family said...

Mara is so cute! I love her personality...larger than life!

The Wyler Family said...

fun updates. i love all the pics. she is adorable!

IndyTew said...

did I ever tell you that I love Mara. She is too much fun.