Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Healing Nicely

So the computer is back and healing quite nicely. There was a rough patch there for a while, but Josh restored it...we're good to go.

I thought I'd take a quick minute to discuss something I find interesting. I have noticed that a lot of people call their children by odd, nonsensical names that have nothing to do with their actual name. I read a post recently about how one child got her "additional" name, and I thought I'd explain my child's. Although I normally refer to her as Mara here, we actually rarely call her that. Generally the only time we use her actual name is if she's in trouble or if we're referring to her in conversation to someone.

When she was a couple weeks old, I loved how her little legs were finally starting to get some chub. She had lost weight for 3 weeks, so it took her a little while to work her way back up to the nearly 9 pounder she was when she was born. I thought her new little chunky legs were so cute. In fact, they were chunky and cutesie. Chunky + Cutesie= Chuky (pronounced chew-key). Of course, there are many nicknames the girl has: "Chuky" "Chuks" "The Chukster" "Lovey" "The Snuggler". But she even refers to herself as Chuky. She'll look in the mirror and say, "There's Chuky. Right there." Or say that Nicole is Chuky's mommy. Of course, she knows her name is Mara, and she also refers to herself as Mara. But she's cooperated with us nicely by adapting to the many names we call her.

So does anyone else call their kids something different, nonsensical, or strange? Chuky's mommy wants to know.


The Horn Family said...

Almendra-Ally, Al, A, I use to call her chubsy, but Matt thought that it wasn't a nice nickname.
Cosette-I tried once again to call her chubsy and Matt thought that wasn't very nice and would effect her later on. So for now Cosette has no nickname. Some of our family want to call her Cosy (pronounced Cozy), but I think that sounds silly.

Mike & Sam Berry said...

Jovie gets called ... Bug, Jovster, Girlfriend, and Cuteness. Who knows why she gets called some of them but she answers to them!

Em said...

LOL I'm glad you and the computer both survived the battle!

Recently we've started to call McKenna "Kenners" most of the time. Before that she was just "smoosh," or "the smoosh." Every now and then it would be "mooshy smooshy" or when she had a stinky diaper "smushy smoosh." Honestly, I can't remember how it evolved. Wherever it came from, it just stuck and we still call refer to her as "the smoosh" often, even though it's being phased out.