Sunday, December 16, 2007

O, the Weather Outside is Frightful

Well, we don't have a fireplace in our home, but today would be a good day for one. We got so much snow yesterday and last night! In fact, we had so much snow, that they cancelled church yesterday morning for this afternoon! It's so great. While the snow started yesterday morning, I made a quick run to Meijer with Mara (I loathe that store, by the way, but that's another story) because I was in need of groceries and a couple of non-grocery items. I definitely was not going to 2 different stores with a nearly 2 year old in snow storm. So we were off to Meijer.

In the short hour that we were there, I was nearly hit by a tractor (Yes, they had an actual tractor doing their snow removal), got bonked on the head by a shovel, and walked out with three bruises up and down my shins from hitting the shovel we were buying that didn't fit below our cart very well. It was an adventure....a terrible adventure.

Today should be fun, though. We're planning on building a snow man. On another note, though, Big Don passed away on Thursday afternoon. His viewing is today, and the funeral is tomorrow. I'm not sure how that will go over today with all the snow. We'll see if we are even able to make it out of our neighborhood.