Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pictures and Fun Stuff

I know that I haven't posted pictures in a while, so I decided that tonight would be a good night for a few pictures and fewer words. Our good friend Jennifer came over a couple of weeks ago, and Mara and I went out with her while Josh studied for a bit. We helped translate for her while she met with the parents of one of her kindergarten students. Since she had her camera, when we came back, she took a couple pictures of the family.

I look like I was trying to smile in the middle of swallowing here or something.

This next one pretty much sums up Mara's attitude most of the time. She's always very active and in charge...and for the most part happy and cute!

I love this one.

Mara put her coat on as Jennifer was headed out the door.

On another note, Josh just finished final #1 for this semester. He thinks it went okay, so we have 2 left. He already had a presentation last week, so we're hoping the rest of the week goes by quickly. I can't wait for Christmas---and for finals to be over! In addition, Mara is beginning to recognize that her birthday is coming up. She sang Happy Birthday to herself the other day, along with an additional round for Daddy, since his is next week. We're excited!


Em said...

Oh my goodness she is so cute! You guys are a beautiful family! Good luck to Josh on finals! I'll admit, I like December a lot more when there are no more end of semester projects and exams to deal with.

The Horn Family said...

I love the pictures. Mara has grown up so much since we saw her in August.

Mike & Sam Berry said...

Such cute pictures! YOu all look so cute! I love the picture of Mara with her mouth wide open ... Jovie does that alot in pictures because she gets so excited. I love kids! Good luck to Josh witht he rest of his finals.