Monday, December 3, 2007

Love myself some Zumba

So since I began teaching Zumba, I'll tell ya that I've seen quite a variety of people trying to get fit, meet friends, and have fun! If you haven't checked it out yet, it's absolutely fabulous. As a teacher, I have to honestly admit that nothing makes me happier in class than to see people smile and really enjoy themselves. But on top of that, to later see them come back -- almost religiously-- because of their passion for the's like a mini-rush right there for me. Which apparently isn't even comparable to some people's gym experiences.

While teaching is actually something that is super fun for me, a great work out, and an extra source of income, I have found a couple pet peaves from my participants. At work, I like to refer to her as, "Crazy Zumba Lady." While I do love all my participants, I have to say that my evenings are much better when CZL does not show up.

Let's paint a little picture here....I walk up to my room, and she's already there, waiting outside the door with bright red lipstick on and gossiping up a storm with anyone within a 10 foot radius. During the 7 minutes that I generally have to wait before my class begins, I probably hear 2 comments about other teachers at the gym, 1 compliment toward the other Zumba teacher (no biggie, I really don't care that much), and about 3 minutes worth of explanation to another participant about how CZL herself used to teach aerobics and really wants to get into it again. By the time the class is ready to start, I'm thinking about how I should have brought trashbags to cover the mirror over the spot where I generally see her. (Yikes, I'm sounding really mean now) To top everything off, throughout the ENTIRE class, I see her purposely changing moves ahead of time to make it look like I'm following HER. Blah!

Well the other day, she actually kept me after class for 25 minutes trying to explain to me that she'd be a fabulous teacher, grabbing my arm and talking about 3 inches away from my face in the process. "Go for it!" I don't need convincing! Let me go home and feed my kid....and shower! Thus, she received the permanent title of Crazy Zumba Lady, and the workplace hears updates every week. If only they could have the image I do because, oh yes, her wardrobe just tops it all off. Picture this....


Em said...

whew...could have done without the visual image...maybe if she starts teaching again she'll stop coming to your class. =) You can hope.