Monday, December 17, 2007

My Kid is Quick...

So Mara is a kid who knows everyone, and if she doesn't know you yet, she'll meet you.....and remember you! Mara is one of those people who only needs to learn a person's name once, and she remember you months later. (Months for a nearly two year old can seriously mean about 1/4 of her life, you know?) She knows all the kids in her class at school (day care)....and in the 2 classes across the hall and the one next door. That's like 40 kids.

Anyway, today she came running into our room with one of her books that had a picture of a Mini-Cooper in it. She pointed to it and here's what happened:

Mara: "Dad, look, a mini-cooper!"
Dad: "Yes, that's a mini-cooper."
Mara: "It's a Lloyd car!"
Dad: "A Lloyd car?"
Mara: "Yeah!!"

Of course it's a Lloyd car. Her cousin Lloyd (who she last saw in early October--and before that last Christmas) has a younger brother named Cooper. So, of course that makes sense. My kid is Quick!